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Amidst the global challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Yes Techies swiftly adapted its Full Stack Web Development program in collaboration with Shishira Softbiz Pvt. Ltd, Mysore, to an online format. Despite the hurdles posed by the pandemic, this second iteration of the boot camp witnessed resounding success. It attracted a diverse cohort of 50 enthusiastic students, hailing from different regions of Afghanistan. The shift to an online platform not only ensured the continuation of the program but also opened doors for participation from remote and rural areas, aligning with our vision to empower students across the nation.

Led by Mr. Mohammad Reza Sharifi and Mohammad Nazir Sharifi, another instructor at Yes Techies supported by instructors from Shishira Softbiz Pvt. Ltd, Mysore, the online program retained its immersive and interactive nature. Commencing with foundational web development concepts, students delved into HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, MySQL for databases, and Python for backend development. Despite the virtual setting, the program maintained a hands-on approach, fostering an engaging learning environment.

Furthermore, as Yes Techies interacted with students from various parts of Afghanistan, it became evident that many were facing challenges due to internet connectivity issues. This realization served as a turning point, prompting Yes Techies to re-evaluate its outreach strategy. The organization recognized the need to expand and reach as many individuals as possible, especially those encountering obstacles in accessing quality tech education. This experience fueled a commitment to support and empower students struggling with internet connectivity, solidifying Yes Techies’ determination to extend its educational initiatives to underserved communities.

This second round of the Full Stack Web Development program exemplified adaptability and resilience in the face of adversity. It not only ensured uninterrupted learning but also prompted Yes Techies to reconsider its outreach strategies, emphasizing the importance of reaching individuals facing barriers to accessing quality tech education.

Yes Techies remains dedicated to leveraging technology for educational inclusion, aspiring to empower aspiring tech enthusiasts across diverse communities.

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Mr. Mohammad Reza Sharifi, during online classes.

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