Meet Our Team:

Mohammad Reza Sharifi
PhD in AI at the University of Mysore, India


Why Choose us?

  • Committed Team:- We believe in teamwork and that is what we are going to convey to you through this platform. You will learn to see how to act at a teamwork.
  • On Time Work Delivery:-
  • We make sure to deliver your work on time. We spend much time getting feedbacks from the customers and then the work would be done quickly.
  • Less Charge for better work:- We charge less compare to the prices in the market and we make sure to deliver quality work to the customers.

Facts about us

  • Access to Up-to-date Resources:- We are getting you familiarized with the latest updates and will provide you the latest learning resources.
  • Owning Large Network:- At YES TECHIES, we make sure to teach you how to network with people around you. We make sure to connect with network of coders from around the world in particular, Indian Communities of Coders.
  • Equipped with cutting-edge technologies:-There is a group of professionals equipped with cutting-edge technologies that would facilitate the students as well.