During the orientation day of the boot camp at Shishira Softbiz, Mysore

At Yes Techies, our commitment to fostering impactful learning experiences for students has been evident through various programs conducted since our establishment. One such noteworthy initiative was the Full Stack Web Development program, conducted in collaboration with Shishira Softbiz Pvt. Ltd, Mysore. This 6-week program attracted a diverse cohort of around 30 students from different countries, representing various colleges and universities.

Led by Mr. Mohammad Reza Sharifi from Yes Techies and in partnership with Miss Pooja and Maghana of Shishira Softbiz Pvt. Ltd, Mysore, the program offered hands-on sessions aimed at equipping participants with comprehensive web development skills. Beginning with the basics of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript for developing landing pages, students progressed to database management using MySQL and acquired knowledge of Python for backend website development.

The initiative's success lies in its structured curriculum, practical approach, and the collaboration between instructors, ensuring participants gained a thorough understanding of web development technologies.

This program aligns with Yes Techies' ethos of providing practical learning opportunities, empowering students to explore and excel in the ever-evolving realm of technology.

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