Founder’s Message:

I am Mohammad Reza Sharifi, founder of YES TECHIES and I have a little story to tell you. Masooma, my mother could not attend school due the financial problems. She never took pen in her hand and she cannot even write her name. Ghulam Hassan Sharifi, my father had been to school only for one day. He was asked to take care the flocks and work as a farmer. My parents never had the suitable opportunity to attend school, hold pencil or pen to write. They never had school friends. My father, on the other hand, educated himself through getting religious studies from the clergyman in our village. In 2010, my father decided to terminate his 35-year of life as a refugee in Iran. He came back to Afghanistan to take care of his family. In the same year, we moved to Kabul, where the opportunity for me and my siblings was provided to pursue proper schooling. It was a welcoming kick off to a brand new life.  My older sister, Atefa Sharifi, finished her studies and works as Maths teacher at Chehil Dokhtaran High School in Kabul. Here, I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Mysore, India. Nazir Sharifi, my younger brother who studies Computer Science in Lithuania. Nazifa Sharifi, my younger sister, who studies bachelor’s in Physics. My two other brothers, Yasir and Tayeb are still school students. It is all because of the right decisions my parents took early in 2010 and of course the opportunity that was provided for us. Here I am, offering YES TECHIES, an online platform for the students to study and connect with other students from around the world. Many students cannot attend school for various reasons. No problem. We shall take the school to their homes. The focus of the platform is to have a small part in educating students in particular in Afghanistan.

Let’s help one another for the betterment of the society.