Founder’s Message:

Mohammad Reza Sharifi, the founder of YES TECHIES, has an inspiring story to share. His mother, Masooma, faced financial constraints that prevented her from attending school, never having the opportunity to hold a pen or write her name. Similarly, his father, Ghulam Hassan Sharifi, had only a single day of formal schooling before being tasked with tending flocks and working as a farmer. Their lives lacked the chance for education, the companionship of school friends, or the simple joy of writing.

In 2010, his father made a life-changing decision to end his 35-year exile in Iran and return to Afghanistan to care for their family. This pivotal moment led them to Kabul, where Mohammad Reza and his siblings were finally granted the opportunity for proper education. It marked the beginning of an entirely new chapter in their lives.

His older sister, Atefa Sharifi, completed her studies and now serves as a Mathematics teacher at Chehil Dokhtaran High School in Kabul. Mohammad Reza is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Mysore, India. Meanwhile, his younger brother, Nazir Sharifi, is studying Computer Science in Lithuania, and his sister Nazifa Sharifi is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Physics. His younger brothers, Yasir and Tayeb, are still attending school. These opportunities were made possible by the courageous decisions their parents made in 2010 and the doors that opened for them.

Driven by this transformative experience, Mohammad Reza established YES TECHIES, an online platform designed to bring education to students worldwide, particularly those unable to attend school for various reasons. His mission is to bridge this gap and create a virtual learning environment where students can connect and learn from each other, regardless of their circumstances. His primary focus is on contributing to the education of students in Afghanistan and beyond.

He believes that by joining hands and working together, they can make a profound difference in shaping a brighter future for everyone.