Bachelor’s Projects 2021-2022

YCS01 Online Article Publishing and Editing Services System Python
YCS02 Hotel Management System Python
YCS03 Blood Bank Management System Python
YCS04 Online Book Donation Management System PHP
YCS05 Broad Knowledge Management System Python
YCS06 Agriculture Marketing Management System Python
YCS07 Grocery Management System Python
YCS08 Book Review Publishing and Online Book Selling Management System Python
YCS09 Café Management System Python
YCS10 Online Catering Management System Python
YCS11 Breast Cancer Detection ML, Python
YCS12 Facial Expression Recognition ML, Python
YCS13 Social Distancing Monitoring System ML, Python
YCS14 Facemask Detection to protect COVID ML, Python
YCS15 Malicious URL Detection ML, Python
YCS16 Object Detection using Machine Learning ML, Python
YCS17 Text Summarization using NLP ML, Python
YCS18 Online Market with Recommending system ML, Python
YCS19 Job Search Platform ML, Python
YCS20 Detecting and Classifying Fetal Brain Abnormalities  using Machine Learning Techniques ML, Python
YCS21 Parkinson’s Disease Identification using KNN and ANN Algorithms based on Voice Disorder ML, Python
YCS22 Video Frame Steganography ML, Python
YCS23 Leaf Disease Classification


ML, Python
YCS24 Crop Yield Marketing ML, Python
YCS25 Fake Currency Detection for Indian Coinage


ML, Python
YCS26 Forest Fire Classification Using Deep Learning


ML, Python
YCS27 Number Plate Recognition Using Deep Learning


ML, Python
YCS28 Brain Tumor Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network


ML, Python
YCS29 Uber Fare Prediction Using Machine Learning


ML, Python
YCS30 Medical Image Classification ML, Python